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We have long learned that brands, people and patients have overlapping but distinct needs and that the key to elevating commercial performance for businesses is to elevate both brand performance and the abilities and skills of its people. 

“Being different in advertising isn’t good enough. Now you must be distinctive first. That’s the means by which brands can engender stronger loyalties, providing memorable triggers that more immediately connect with an audience.” 

Hall and Partners


We offer Distinctive input and solutions for both product and company, across Insights, Marketing, PR/Communications, Digital based marketing and many more areas.

Although we are primarily focused on marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, much of our work and key principles are transferable to other markets/industry sectors’ challenges. Please do speak to us about your situation to see if we can help.

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"You need to develop distinctive capabilities. Capabilities that cannot be replicated in others and are present in everything you do."

Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi,
Harvard Business Review 


We create and deliver bespoke training, learning, development and coaching plans for each of your key teams, from sales and marketing to executive leadership.   

In the pharmaceutical space, this extends to the building and maintaining of relationships with key stakeholders such as key opinion leaders (KOLs)/key external experts (KEEs), patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and those involved with policy development and management.

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As a core distinctive approach, we prioritise the experience of the end-user - the patient in the case of healthcare. We do this through enhanced engagement, support, assistance and understanding.

Our clinical activities, as well as some commercial interaction all go towards helping benefit patients and their respective carers.

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How do we know our work elevates brands, people and businesses?

Because brands, people and businesses performance tells us so.

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The Distinctive

Elevation Framework

Our collective and connected experience, as both client and agency, led us to develop our unique three-step Elevation Framework, which allows us to work closely with you to see the whole picture, and so elevate the necessary or required aspects of your performance.



We work in close partnership with your team to analyse performance and identify key areas of need



Our industry experts help you develop and implement a bespoke plan for success, from initial strategy to final delivery



Together, with clients, we implement our agreed bespoke plan, assess success & determine ROI using pre-agreed KPIs

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