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The Distinctive Group are an independent consultancy with a radically different take on improving business performance.

We provide strategies, support and solutions to elevate brands, people, patients and ultimately businesses. 

We do not believe in different being enough.

Ultimately, distinctive businesses, brands and people are able to deliver better results, providing companies with improved performance.

Founded Out Of Frustration
Built For Excellence

Distinctive was born out of dissatisfaction with the chronically disconnected industry-supplier relationship, as well as unambitious industry standards.

As clients, we were exasperated by uninspiring suppliers, generic approaches and proposals that delivered mediocre results, and teams too inexperienced to fully understand our businesses, our brands, our people or our need to balance global strategy with local realities. As suppliers, we were disillusioned with unimaginative clients who could not see the big picture and did not understand the importance of creativity and high standards. 

We decided to do things differently.

By fusing our experience from both sides of the table we built a consultancy defined by joined-up thinking and driven by an absolute refusal to accept anything less than excellence. It is this unique combination of experience and aspiration that makes Distinctive worthy of the name and has driven each of our success stories. 

What we do

In a word – Elevation.

We exist to help businesses aim higher, perform better and achieve more.

To elevate your brand we provide everything from insight research and strategic planning through to marketing campaign content creation and communications. We are able to support you from initial inception, through product development and market access, for pre-launch, launch and post-launch growth stages.

To elevate your people we provide training, learning and development, as well as coaching for senior leadership/management, teams, salesforces and individuals.

To elevate your patient engagement, services, support and impact.

What Makes
Us Distinctive

Our experience, and our track record of success.

Every member of our core team has played key roles in leading companies or agencies in your industry, making us uniquely able to understand your challenges and deliver the right solutions from first-hand experience.

So whether you are a company director, business unit director, a brand/marketing or people manager, (or anything in between/working alongside) be assured that we have walked more than a few miles in your shoes.

Why We Help

Because we believe that/all any business needs to flourish is knowledge, support, and a lot of inspiration and self-belief.

Because nothing beats the excitement of building up a brand/product or business and watching it thrive. 

Because when you empower your people you help them recognise and achieve their potential.

With expert support, you have the assistance you need to elevate all aspects of your business to help it thrive.

“Winning through distinctive choices is the always-and-forever job of every strategist.”

Alan G. Lafley and Roger Martin
Playing to Win – How Strategy Really Works

Do you want to find out how Distinctive could help your brand, people, patients and overall business achieve more?

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Our ESG Impact

We believe that being Distinctive means being more than simply good enough and that every company has a responsibility to contribute positively to the communities it serves.

From this principle, we have several key beliefs around our environmental impact, team member needs as well as giving, that each lie at the very heart of the Distinctive Group.

Distinctively Considerate

To help minimise our resource use and environmental carbon footprint, the Distinctive Group runs a paperless office approach and encourages all team members to work from home as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary travel. We also carbon offset our business travel.

Distinctively Equal

We strive for diversity and equality across all levels of the business and external interactions. Nothing gets in the way of using the greatest talent and capability to deliver the best for all of our clients. We want the best in order to deliver the best for our clients.

Distinctively Charitable

At the end of every year we donate 10% of our company profits to charities aligned with our work & beliefs such as Cancer Research UK (CRUK), the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and other charities, where appropriate, such as through sponsored events. We believe in contributing to the greater good of us all.

We operate as one team and support each other where people may require this.

Our Experience


We have worked on a variety of projects with the following leading global pharmaceutical companies:

Our Experience


We have worked on client delivery projects with/for the following leading advertising and communications agencies:

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