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The Distinctive Group is led by company founder: Dan Selby and run through a team of other experienced independent consultants who bring together decades of experience guiding, leading and improving brands, companies and agency offerings.

Dan Selby

Managing Director
and Founder

With 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry – 10 years working in a leading Pharmaceutical company within Sales & Marketing functions, and 10 years as an independent consultant/contractor - working across the full product lifecycle and  numerous therapy areas, (predominantly oncology) Dan has vast commercial industry experience.

As a member level of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), he is actively involved in marketing best practice.

Dan is a multiple award winner for both brand marketing and specific digital marketing work, within the pharma industry, including  Communique; Pharmaceutical Society (PM Society); Pharmaceutical Marketing Excellence Awards (PMEA) and was the PharmaTimes Senior Marketer of the Year (2011).

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Functional Expertise

The team is also supported by a number of other experienced team members covering specific areas/aspects of their respective function expertise and experience.

These span:


Medical & Patient Improvement


Product Commercialisation


People Development

Administrative Support

The team is also supported by a number of other experienced team members, covering other aspects of broader expertise and assistance:

Organisational Support & Account Management

Operational Support (Administration & Finance)

Specialism &

Through numerous years of reliable and trusted partnerships, we’ve established and developed relationships with respected companies and individuals who we may depend upon when operating in this product launch space.

We have priority service provision agreements, known ways of working as well access to experienced key expert individuals who can enable your accelerated performance. Further benefits may include preferential rates vs. engaging them directly.

Services covered include those provided through:

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